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dedicated to finding you your next luxury residential property to buy or rent in the exlcusive Area of quinta do lago & vale do lobo 


In a word, we’re a facilitator. 

We take all the hassle out of the house-hunt process and present you with only your specific criteria matching options. 

Not only do we streamline the searching process for you, it doesn’t cost you anything. Our fee is charged to the agent assuming you decide to complete the transaction.

You may be still asking yourself, why would I use a broker?

The simple answer is to save yourself a lot of time and effort.

Buying or Renting a property can be a complicated and drawn out process. Add in some unfamiliarity that comes with it being a foreign country and it can be an intimidating process to say the least. 

You might assume that finding the right agent in Portugal involves nothing more than an online search. While the residential property market in Quinta do Lago & Vale do Lobo is saturated with real estate agents and rental agents, not all agencies have invested in their online presence. This applies both to maintaining their web presence and to keeping their online property listings up to date.

This means if you’re not on the ground with local knowledge and/ or relying on search engines or advertisements to find residential properties to buy or rent, your search is limited to only a few of many.

Assuming you know who all the agents are and where to look, you will still spend a lot of time browsing multiple agent websites, sending emails and/ or making calls to find a property that meets your criteria, often dealing with multiple agents at a time.

That’s where we step in. 

We do all of the hard, time consuming work for you and we have access to the most up to date listings and off-market deals.

We are completely independent and have no affiliation with any agents – we exist to work exclusively for you with one simple mission; find you what you’re looking for.

how it works

You simply tell us what you’re looking for by filling out our enquiry form below and we take it from there.

We do a comprehensive market search of all available properties across all local agents.

We then send you what we have found that meets your criteria, you tell us what you’re interested in and, with your consent, we contact the agent(s) handling the listing(s) to make arrangements on your behalf. If/when you decide to make an offer, you then deal directly with the agent.

This is a no obligation process and there are no hidden fees or charges. We charge a fee to the agent assuming you decide to go ahead.



We do a comprehensive market search to find properties that meet your criteria


We email you the results of our search with links to the property/ properties


We make arrangements with the agent(s) handling the listing(s) of interest on your behalf


We work with you to secure your property. You deal directly with agent after committing

We never share your details with any 3rd parties/ agents without your prior consent

Let us work for you

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